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Event Guidelines

  • During the course of the weekend, we will be depicting soldiers and civilians found in and around the Civil war. The encampment will officially open at 12- noon on Friday, June 17 and end with the conclusion of the event at approximately 3 pm on Sunday, June 19.

  • By virtue of your registration all rules and regulations of the New England Brigade and Liberty Greys must be followed.

  • All participants to include civilians and children are required to equip themselves in period equipment, dress and demeanor throughout the entire weekend.

  • Parents and or those that have children/ minors accompanying them assure full responsibility for their actions, care, and well being of them.

  • No pets of any kind will be allowed on the in the camps.

  • There are no food vendors on site Ensure that you bring sufficient supplies, especially ice. 


  • Authentic Union, Confederate and Civilian camps will be set up in the designated areas.

  • Military camps will be set up in an orderly fashion according to period standards.

  • Check with Commanders before setting up.

  • Each fire must keep a full bucket of water at all times.

  • There will be a designated fresh water point within the camp area.

  • Wood will be provided to each camp.

Reenactors are expected to stay in period clothing for the entire event. Even when the spectators are gone.

Units and individuals are strongly encouraged to incorporate their living history scenarios into the weekend. Please contact the event coordinators ahead of time.

Weapons and safety

  • New England Brigade and Liberty Greys rules will be followed.

  • No direct firing at individuals

  • No firing of weapons except during authorized scenarios or demonstrations

  • No midnight firing at the park.

  • No fires are to be left unattended, especially at night.

Problems at the event should be addressed through the appropriate Military Chain of Command. Should problems arise, however that cannot be handled through this channel contact the event coordinators.


There will be a Three-gun max for each side. If there are more than Three guns on each side they will be asked to leave. We will also be waving the fee for 5 men per UNIT for artillery only. We will only be accepting registration for one gun per unit. You must register your 5 free men, but please mark free next to 5 names.


We have a cap of no more than 300 reenactors total for both sides, please get your registration fees in as early as possible. There will not be any walk ons. If you are caught as being a walk on you will be asked to leave. The Park service was very specific on this. Please register on time and do not ruin it for the rest of us.