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Battle Scenario

Early spring, 1865:
In front of Petersburg

March 25:
Confederate forces try a bold attack on the Federal lines in an attempt to break the siege.

General Gordon captures Ft. Stedman in a pre-dawn raid and then tries to exploit the gap so that Lee can move south to join up with Gen Johnston !

Union troops rally however and hit Gordon from both sides and after 4 hours they recapture Ft. Stedman. General Lee has to abandon Petersburg a week later .

April 9,1865:
Following a week of hard fighting the Army of Northern Virginia is finally surrounded at Appomattox Court House . Outnumbered, outgunned and outsupplied the end was at hand as Federal Forces closed in for a final smashing assault.

Gen. Lee sent a messenger asking for a meeting with General Grant and the soldiers on both sides knew it was over.

It was at that moment a stillness fell over the field and that deadly space between the two armies was no more!