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Units Registered for 2005
*Signifies payment received

Federal: Confederate:
*1st Mass Cavalry *1st Texas
*2nd Ct Heavy Artillery  
*5th Mass Battery *2nd South Carolina, Co I
*8th Connecticut, Co A *2nd Virginia, Co E
*8th Wisconsin - Andy Methany *5th Virginia, Co D
*9th Mass Light Artillery *7th Tennessee
*9th Mass Infantry *12th Georgia, Company F
*10th Mass *15th Alabama
*14 CT (National Regiment) *21st Mississippi
*15th Mass *29th Georgia
*20th Mass *35th Virginia Cav Co B
*22nd Mass *38th North Carolina
*25th Mass Godawful Mess -  three of the nine registered are paid
*28th Mass Co K *Richmond Howitzers
*79th New York Paul Manzo  - Stonewall Brigade
*Green Mountain Mess  
*NE Campaigner Group - Michael Jolin *What Remains
*Slocums Avengers *LG HQ
*Topographical Engineers - Jim Duarte  
*US Campaigners  
*US Sanitary commission  
*NEB - Staff - Jim Dodge  
*NEB Staff - Ed Certusi  
3rd Vt
CS Campaigner Group three people registered one is paid
6th NH  
11th WV Cav  


*Big Bear Trading Company
*Confederate Yankee
*Flapjacks 1 and 2
*Miss Margaret's - Rae Bertellotti
*Regimental Quartermaster
*Robert Land Shoes